Date: 2012-11-29 01:35 am (UTC)
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narrative kink--oh yes, certainly. We're back to oaths and loyalty again (fancy that!) and fandoms drawing people who like the things the fandom likes, who write the things they like, which draws people who like... And I think we might also be around to shipping, too, because if you are sufficiently in love with a particular character, or a pairing, watching them come together again, and again, and again...there's a couple of movie scenes that my husband looks up and watches on YouTube at least once a week. Like that. (I have a few book-scenes that I do the same thing with, less regularly...)

I'm also interested by the things we see *once*, though it may also have to do with the fact that certain stories can't be told without the space--and time--of a longer piece, and thus get written less often. I think I've found one "Miles does an Auditorial investigation." And then there's the missing scenes that are short, and tempting, but hard to write; I *adore* the one "Gregor and Simon's moring meeting during Memory" that I've seen...but I've only seen the one. (And it's currently working as The Answer for me, and I have no desire--or ability, I think!--to re-tell that one myself.)

(My own half-written 'Escobar secrets' fic starts with Galeni learning the truth...)

Ooof. There's an interesting wrinkle. (I think I've seen you mention this before, as I was wandering around the Internet?) I shall make hopeful eyes at you that it finds its way to complete someday.
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