Date: 2012-11-30 06:08 pm (UTC)
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I read, and liked, and commented.

But, in the perverse nature of such things, what it mostly did was show me the story I actually *want* to see, which was that one up to about 2/3rds of the way through--when it doesn't work, but it ruin everything, and they don't fall apart. (I may have said to the screen "Lewis, don't be an IDIOT!") They learn to work around the break, and find a new balance. That may of course say as much about some of my own history (been there. Or at least somwhere in the near neighborhood. Have the t-shirt, took the hit, lost some things and kept others and just kept on) as about my take on the show, of course.

And no, I can't write it. Combination of too close (the story in my history bending out of shape the one in my head) and too far away--I don't, in general, do much with visual fandoms. I'm a reader. I only react in...writery ways to words on the page--and I have trouble with getting voice from screen to page. I'm perfectly happy with Hathaway (I've met him. Hell, I've *been* him, aside from the British, policeman, male, and religious know, superficial stuff...) but their relationship is a little more ambiguous to me, and...I like watching Lewis. But there's no way I could write him.
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