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2012-12-24 03:02 am

"Blood Yet Must Flow" --Author's Commentary

If you're here, I hope you've read "The Wrong Ground to Hold" first; this really doesn't stand alone, and isn't designed to. (I also hope you've read the Author's Commentary for "The Wrong Ground To Hold", because I'm going to try not to repeat myself.)

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2012-12-24 03:01 am

"Blood Yet Must Flow" (VK/Barrayar, Teen)

Title: Blood Yet Must Flow (on Ao3 here)
Author: [personal profile] ailis_fictive
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga/Barrayar
Rating: Teen
Wordcount:  1060
A/N:  A prequel of sorts to "The Wrong Ground To Hold"--a scene from the episode "Blood Yet Must Flow" from the (imaginary) TV show Barrayar.  Inspired by Barrayar Expects That Every Fan Will Do Their Duty: Excerpts From A Fandom by [ profile] lannamichaels .  Author's commentary here.
Warnings: Implied recent torture and death, blood, non-explicit description of serious injury, a fair amount of swearing.

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2012-12-24 01:47 am

"The Wrong Ground To Hold"--Author's Commentary

This one...oh, dear.

This one takes a bit of explaining. And probably a disclaimer; this is not the sort of thing I usually write. Which is to say, please don't hang out here expecting a lot of explicit kink, because you won't get it--conversely, if this horrifies you, I promise you won't see much of it!

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