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Ailis Fictive ([personal profile] ailis_fictive) wrote2015-03-31 07:26 pm
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Podfic Bingo

I should probably be tracking this here, shouldn't I?

Ailis_Fictive 's Podfic Bingo!

Record in a New LocationCharacter Voices2+ Hours LongRead SadlyRecord Standing Up
Incorporate Sound EffectsUse a Speed EffectCrackMultiple POVs2nd POV
Random FicRead AnimatedlyFREE SPACEYuletideCollaborate with one or more podficcers
Character of ColorNon-English LanguageChild CharacterPoetryRead Loudly
Read with a SmileWild CardHarlequinRead While LaughingRead Quietly

An Experiment in Hedgehog Physics
- Crack, Random Fic, posted 3/31/15